Suzuki GSX 1400 - BLUE LEDs for the Clocks

One of the first things modified was the clocks.  This was after seing a picture on the web of a set with blue illumination which I thought looked good.  The clocks are illuminated with surface-mount LEDs.   K1-K5 clocks have 6 Yellow as standard and FE/K6 onwards have 12.  I have also been able to convert the 6-LED units to 10-LEDs which is also an improvement. 




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Click on pictures below for larger versions -

Standard FE 12 LED

Standard FE Illumination

Blue K1-K5 with White Dials

Converted to blue
Forward bias increased on right hand six for comparison

Converted to 12 LED Blue
Bias increased to all LEDs
to improve illumination

Converted to 10 Blue LED

Standard K1-K5 (6-LED)

Standard K1-K5 (6-LED)

Blue K1-K5 with Std Dials