Suzuki GSX 1400  - HiD Conversion

High Intensity Discharge headlight conversion:
This entails the fitment of a 35W 6000K H4 Bi-Xenon Lamp unit + 2 x Ballast / Power units.
The conversion has been in use now for two years and has not missed a beat in that time.  Much much brighter and I have not been flashed by oncoming vehicles so I can assume that the alignment is ok.  Has also passed the MOT test in May this year (bike's first) although I think this may have been down to the discretion of the tester as I do not know that these conversions are technically legal for use on bikes in the UK..

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Picture to Right was with me sitting on bike and I could not hold camera steady enough to get a clear shot.

So others were taken with bike on side stand.