Suzuki GSX 1400  - Gear Position indicator

This page details the Gear Position Indicator I have made for my GSX.  I know that many say 'what do you need one for?' and 'well if you don't know what gear you're in...'  blah blah blah.....  I've heard it all.....  BUT I for one used to often find that on motorways, I'd be trying to stick the bike in 7th.  She has so much torque available that when accelerating in 6th, I often thought there must be another gear so I set to fitting an indicator.

I had initially looked at commercially available items - such as the Acumen or similar type units and whilst I like the look of them, I did not really want another 'bolt on' - I like the retro naked and uncluttered look of the standard clocks.  Then, when I was converting the backlighting to BLUE I realised that it would be possible to place LEDs behind the marker positions on the tacho, so that the numbers 1 - 6 would light up when the appropriate gear was selected.   I jury rigged a test piece and it looked good, so went on to develop a gear position indicator that shows both the selected gear, plus also when the bike has its kill switch activated.  It is microprocessor controlled and uses the Suzuki's gear position sensor output so there are none of the confused results you sometimes get with speed/rpm based units.  Upon switch on, the 6 LEDs illuminate in sequence with the pointers doing their sweep test and both the kill position warning patterns and the indicated gear marker brilliance are user programmable from the standard 'Reset' button on the clocks.

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For more details please download Gear Position Indicator Instructions sheet available HERE...